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Welcome to our website. Bitnews NZ covers the latest news and updates from the cryptocurrency industry, including live currency pricing.

Our article page includes comprehensive articles from industry professionals.

We have content partners all around the globe who provide us with great content about the crypto sector.

Some of the published articles have appeared in original form on another website. We will always place a link back to the original publication for those articles.

If you are a crypto writer and looking for a way to promote your article, please get in touch, and we will place your awesome content at a most affordable fee.

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Bitnews NZ is a project by TNZ Web Solutions, an internet marketing service based in Tauranga on the North Island of New Zealand.

We specialize in Web Design, Animated Video Production, and Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, and Domain Name & Hosting Management.

We started our internet marketing journey back in 2009 and we’re very passionate about our online business venture.

The commitment and loyalty towards our content partners and customers are second to none and we always look forward to delivering new projects.


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